Hey Friend, I'm Ashley!

Specializing in both color enhancing & cutting of textured hair from wavy to kinky coils.



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Ashley's our Coco All-Star with a hipster vibe, a real cool cat! And this kitten can bake her butt off (seriously her gluten-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies are insane!)


 I’m a born and raised Mainer, growing up in Parsonsfield, ME. As a Teenager, I thought it definitely had its disadvantages living out in the “sticks.” Now as an adult I realize that I had an amazing upbringing in a beautiful wilderness where I could explore, with a quiet and safe place to call home. Loving family, close family friends, and great food say ‘home’ to me  (Krista’s will always be #1 in my eyes - if you know, you know!). 

I have been in the greater Portland area for 12 years, from the Old Port to South Portland, and I feel rooted in this community. I have set my roots where my personal, professional, and educational growth flourishes. I love all the amazing people I have been able to meet and listen to their unique stories, they are the friends and family I’ve had the honor to become a part of. Going to work is a chance to catch up with the people I love.

My family is small but close knit and caring. A place where honesty, hard work, character, love and respect were taught and valued. We are wicked fun as well, we definitely like to share memories, vacations, holidays, laughter (definitely everyone has a strong smartass bone). My in-laws are amazing and mean a lot to me as well. I feel very fortunate to be able to have a family, immediate and extended, that are loving, caring, strong, funny, and independent people.

I’m very family and friends oriented. I visit my parents every weekend. I enjoy time with friends and best friend/ husband traveling, trying new things, checking out live music or watching our favourite tv shows. While working and living a social life, I also like to take time for myself. Gardening, cooking, getting outdoors, listening to podcasts, playing with my dog, reading and DIY projects in my home are just some of the ways I like to decompress. 

I’m a Quirky Dork on the outside, Hippie Soul on the inside. I love sharing a laugh or two, cracking jokes and being silly/weird. I always try to stay positive, kind and cool as a cucumber. I am proactive, honest, direct and at times a smart ass (in a jesting manner). I am continually practicing being respectful and understanding to all people and animals.



A day with me...

 I especially enjoy working with curly hair in every texture, from the smallest of waves to the kinkiest of coils. Embracing and enhancing the natural movement of the curls through coloring and adding dimension is where I shine! I continually strive to gain knowledge to better service the textured hair community that I’m in. I love many parts of coloring, but my top 3 are first a good redhead. Second grey coverage and enhancement of natural hair color.  Last, but certainly not least: vivids. Everyone should try a splash of color at least once in their life!

 I want to make you feel comfortable and welcome as much as possible. I will have a consultation with you and truly listen to your hair wants and needs every time you are with me, whether it's your 1st or 100th time. I’ll be honest and realistic about your hair goals at the time and for future appointments.  I’ll provide the service, reality, education, and tools to ensure that you’re able and happy with your hair in the lifestyle you are living. Hopefully, I will help you to remember some of the important things in life: self-care, self-love, relaxation (hello lather room!), and laughter. Also, I’ll always be on your side when the family or work is driving you nuts. ;P

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