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Specializing in Partial Highlights and Lo-Lights, Money Pieces & Gray Coverage. 





I specialize in Lunch Time Color Techniques. Half head of highlights or low lights, all over color or touching up your base color and adding in face framing foil work; quick techniques that respect that you’ve got other things to do in your day!


You can come see me on your lunch break or during your kid’s nap-time and that is enough for me to brighten your day and refresh your look!  


I will always greet you with a warm welcome and a smile. You are important to me!  We will have a thorough consultation of what your hair wants and wishes are and I will LISTEN to you.  Bonus: I give a great scalp massage, which is included with every shampoo!


I have a very easygoing personality and I tend to follow your lead; my chair is a ‘No Pressure Zone’. I am what you call an extroverted introvert, and have a real, genuine laugh that echoes throughout the entire salon. I love to laugh and find humor in just about every situation life has to offer. I am completely happy to converse with you, but if you come to the salon for “you time” and just want to relax without the chit-chat, that’s cool with me too! 

My Chair

I am a VERY BUSY Mom of four!  Three daughters and one son, so there is never a dull or quiet moment around our home. Most days you can find me  playing Chauffer, driving the kids back n forth to school, or dance classes. Just when I think I’m done I have to start all over again!


Heading to the salon on Saturdays, is my time to be Me, where I get to hone my craft and hear all about You! I can't wait to share some Girl Talk ;)

Love to Girl Talk!
great listener, fun, extrovert
           you're my escape

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