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Hey Gorgeous,

I'm Dawn-Marie!

Specializing in easy to wear styles, enhanced with color for the busy mom!




Dawn-Marie is Boss Lady's right-hand-man, the Good Cop to her bad cop! She's our lovable wise-aker, just wait till she comes up with a pet name for you. If ya don't believe us ask Rihana how they affectionately greet one another! HaHa!

I’m a Maine girl, grew up right over in Porter also known as Kezar Falls (home of Welches Discount Store back in the day, I lived up the street!) I spent a lot of time riding bikes with my girls all over town, the only rule was “back in the yard before the church bells ring!” 


 I joined this community when my teenager was just an infant! Dawn & were running a salon together in Gorham and raising Littles. I learned quickly that Dawn is ‘My Person’ (you Grey's Anatomy fans know what I’m talking about) and Cumberland County became part of me (it still feels like the ‘big city’ but I love it!).  

My family is like a circus at the moment! I am a VERY BUSY Mom of four as well as a step-mom to three - you can call us the Brady Bunch plus one extra! There is never a dull or quiet moment in our home. Ages go from 13 down to 1 and they are all unique individuals to say the least.


Weekends are crazy! I’m cooking, cleaning, endless loads of laundry, taking kids here, there and everywhere and then just when I think I’m done I have to start all over again! I do work at the salon on Saturdays, which is my time to be Me and get a break from everyone else’s needs! (except yours! I can't wait to share some Girl Talk ;)


Dawn-Marie (2).jpg

A day with me...

I’m a great listener, I love helping people and making things easier for them. I always have a smile on face which makes people feel comfy and at ease. I’m a glass-half-full kinda girl, I like to think there’s something positive in everything. And I am great at multitasking - have to be with four kids! 

I am great at not making you spend hours at the salon! I love to do partial highlights and face framing foils, sometimes balayage or other quick and easy techniques that respect that you’ve got other things to do today! You can come see me on your lunch break or during your kid’s nap-time and that is enough for me to get you in and out.  


You can count on me greeting you with a big smile and heyyyy girl! We will go to my station and talk every time you come in to find out your likes and dislikes, make a plan for your hair, and then start your pampering time in the lather room where I clarify every client before starting. As a busy mom I know what it takes to help you relax.

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