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Specializing in precision foil work for Blonde Beauties.


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​I'm a Blonding Specialist mastering in fine foil work. As a blonde myself, I know how picky we can be! I love creating a more natural blonde where leaving some of your own color creates a bit of depth and dimension for a softer grow out. I'm a master at disguising those unwanted grays, creating a beautiful natural grey-blended highlight. I love helping you transition!


I love to hear your next
great listener, introvert, mother 4,

I’m definitely an introvert. That can be kind of unique in our business, and although I tend to be on the quiet side, I still love getting to know my clients during our time together. 

married my high school sweetheart and we have three young boys and finally a little girl who keep us very busy! There’s never a dull moment in our house. Our weekends are spent with the entire family playing outside, at the lake, or having a good ol' family cookout! 

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My Chair

As a new client we will start at my station with a consultation about what you’re expecting and if it’s realistic. We’ll come up with a plan and then we will go clarify your hair followed by a relaxing scalp massage. We will then return to the station to do your cut/color. As I mentioned, I’m a quiet person - so sitting in my chair is a restful, friendly experience.  

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