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We can't wait to meet you, gorgeous.
So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

New Guest Packages

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy, we get that, so we take away all of the usual stress and confusion through our unique digital booking experience. Let's get you started!

Your experience begins the moment you click on the 'meet the team' tab and browse through our stylists' bios and social media links, giving you a glimpse into each colorist's lifestyle, vibe, and specialty. Choose from our New Guest Booking Packages below,  submit your Digital Consultation and reserve your day and time.  Then leave the rest to us!

Find Your Stylist

Our artist shine in their own areas of expertise. Who's your match?

Choose Your Service

Take a look at our New Guest Packages

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Your digital consultation experience starts here...

New Guest Packages

Are you looking for more service options?

Not Sure What to Book?

Just submit a New Guest Form and we will help guide you!

The pricing packages you see are a starting point depending upon the colorist, length and thickness of your hair.  If you have any pricing questions, please let us know on our Pre-Consultation Form.


Brighten Me Up

Do you generally just get highlights throughout the top of your hair? Nothing at the back,

a few bright pieces in the front, and some balanced blonde throughout the top of your head? Sweet!

You just need a partial highlight.

We will start your visit with a thorough consultation, a color match or shifting formulation, a clarifying shampoo and luxury conditioner, a fresh color application, a cut or trim and blow-dry style.

(~2.5 hrs) $90+

Sweet and Simple

Just need your roots touched up, a fresh cut or trim, and a blowout?  Let's keep it simple. 


We will start your visit with a thorough consultation, a color match or a shifting formulation, a clarifying shampoo

and luxury conditioner a fresh color application, cut or trim and blow-dry style.



(~2hrs) $75+

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