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Catering to Gen Z Zoomers

Now seeing new guests for long hair trimming, long haircut with an angle to frame your face, bobs of any length, men's-sports cuts, partial highlights, gray coverage or all over color.

Taylor is Level 3 Apprenticeship seeing the above services. If you would like to grow along with Taylor we will be adding new services each month as her training expands! Taylor is a great way to get into our Hair Color Studio at entry level pricing. If you have been dying to get in, are easy going and understand small imperfections are part of the learning process, she's a great fit! Taylor's work & color formulas are always overseen by a master colorist to ensure quality.

The baby of our group. This little Leo, loves to be lavished with a compliment or two. 



I'm a self-proclaimed "Bore" No really, I love to stay home & chillax. When I'm not at the salon you can definitely find me deep in a true crime podcast. I'm a "Murder with My Husband" junkie! But don't underestimate my sarcasm... I love a good laugh and never take myself too seriously! "YOLO" is my motto.

Entering this grown-up world I had trouble deciding: Doctor? Hairstylist? I know, bizarre! LOL! Hair is where my heart is, so hair it is! So even the baby of the group, I'm wise beyond my years and love to let you talk and share all about your life and where life has taken you. I'm a cheering coach and love to talk about your Littles if you have 'em. 


My Chair

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