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Catering to Gen Z Zoomers

Want to vibe with a swanky salon? Keeping it real on the budget but ready to soar with an Up-and-Coming Colorist? Look no further than Taylor! As a Level 3 Apprentice, Taylor fearlessly navigates color services of all styles, from luscious highlights to crushing gray hairs and even taming men's hair. Taylor's color magic and formulas are all polished under the watchful eye of a master colorist, so you know you're getting top-notch quality!

The baby of our group. This little Leo, loves to be lavished with a compliment or two. 


As I stepped into the big-kid world, I was hit with a career conundrum: Doctor? Lawyer? Nah, my heart was set on hair! I may be young, but I know the locks of love when I see them. Plus, I'm a great listener and love hearing all about your passions, your adventures, and the little ones in your life. And hey, speaking of kids, I used to be a nanny myself! 

I'm a self-proclaimed "Bore" - yep, I love nothing more than snuggling up in a cozy blanket and staying put. But, if you can't find me at the salon, you'll catch me with my headphones on diving deep into the world of true crime podcasts. "Murder with My Husband" is my addiction for life! I'm always up for a good giggle and never take life too seriously - after all, "YOLO" is my motto!


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