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We do things differently than any other salon you’ve ever worked at, or heard about.

Our mission is to cultivate and nurture a sisterhood in the community of Southern Maine, rooted in authenticity, using proven methodologies so we are able to create unlimited growth and financial freedom for ourselves and our families, while providing an atmosphere where guests are uplifted and confidence is fostered each and every day.

We’ve learned a lot over the years, and we’ve grown from every experience, guest, and employee that has walked through our doors.

At CoCo Cheveux Hair Color Studio we are a team, we thrive by providing the best customer experience to our guests, and we know that your work environment is integral to maintaining the brand that we have created.


We believe you work to live, but shouldn't live to work.  That is why none of our stylists work more than 4 days per week and we offer flexible scheduling.

Our Guests

Our objective is to be the best hair color studio in southern Maine that offers an uplifting experience for every guest that walks in the door. Just as we think all team members deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, we believe the same of our guests. Through teamwork, education, great work environment, and next-level customer service, we will build and maintain a successful brand that everyone is happy and excited to be a part of.

We will engage our guests not only behind the chair, but through active social media, email marketing, and a killer website. Our marketing efforts will be supported by all staff members so that clients feel like they are being taken care of not only in the salon but in between appointments and within their communities.

Our Team

While our space is gorgeous, our team is the most beautiful piece of CoCo Cheveux Hair Color Studio.  Our stylists are driven, inspired, caring and take their career seriously.


We are careful with who we bring in to the salon.  Those who are unmotivated, negative or don't care to connect with the rest of the group won't be invited to join our team.  You can have peace of mind in knowing that if you choose to work with us as a commission stylist, you'll love the stylists working to your left and your right.

Our approach to this industry, and what it means to be an employee is something that we pride ourselves on, and really what sets us apart. We value authentic human connection, customer service, education, and communication.

We want to be a salon full of specialists, in an industry full of generalists.

What we mean is that our brand is built around the idea that we are the go-to destination for the BEST DIMENSIONAL HAIR COLOR in the area. Of course we compliment each color service with an amazing haircut, but our reputation will be for amazing balayage, highlights, dimensional color and grey coverage. We strive to be known as the premier color studio of southern Maine.

It is our goal to find and market to the perfect clientele for each of our staff, so that every day is perfect for guests and team members alike. We love creative individuals and ideas, to better serve our clients, and to create a reputation of non pretentious excellence throughout the southern Maine area.

Hair is business, and we love helping with the numbers side of our industry that many struggle with. We will help you set, and reach monetary, personal, and professional goals. Our main goal as a company is to provide a space where all team members can grow, thrive, and truly advance their careers in a way that no one else can do for them.


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