Hey Gorgeous,I'm Dawn!

Specializing in Brunettes, pairing highlighting with grey coverage for brilliant, dimensional brunette looks.



Dawn is affectionately known around here as 'Boss Lady'. Honesty & integrity with a little grit and a lot of laughs!



   I’m a Cape Cod girl turned Mainer, devoted wife for 22 years and Mama of two amazing teenage boys! This woman is Independent, honest and broad-minded. I was brought up in the small town of Harwich (for all you Cape Cod lovers it's right next to Chatham) on the grounds of a seaside motel. My entrepreneurial father showed my siblings and I the meaning of hard work and perseverance. He also showed us how easy it is to get to know and connect with people: listen to them! 


When I'm not in the salon making you look gorgeous, trendy and 10 years younger, you can find me watching my boys excel in sports! I'm a hands-on wife and mom and the best dang cheerleader around (have you heard my whistle?!?). With a houseful of testosterone you can bet on finding me on the back of an ATV or snowmobile, and sure as heck laughing! In the early mornings, when my guys are still asleep, I feed my soul down at the barn with my horse, Midas. Second to my drive is my fiercely loyal heart and Midas knows it well. He doesn't let me get away with much, he demands I slow down, be present & stay connected. 


I love being a part of the community of Cumberland County, it's the long-lasting human connections that have made me feel right at home here. I’ve worked with clients who consider me a part of their network of family and friends, and vice versa. These true connections are what I adore most! Being a salon owner in Southern Maine has given me that chance to connect, put down roots and live among amazing individuals and families from a wide variety of backgrounds that I wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. 

A day with me...

 As a brunette myself, I found that it was hard finding stylists who know what it takes to create brilliant, dimensional brunette tones. While I love balayage & foiling as a stand alone look, pairing them with grey coverage to defy the affects of time is definitely my sweet spot! 

When you're with me I'll be darned if anyone's going to know your age, unless YOU tell them! 


In my chair, we'll always keep it real. We'll talk candidly about the tough stuff like aging gracefully. I want hear about your style journey, the things that are challenging you and what you love about your hair. I'll also be upfront with what I think will and won’t work with your style. 

You can always expect to cover a lot of ground when you're with me! We'll dive into the ingredients in the products you're using, together figure out what's working and what's not. You and I will chat and laugh as if our conversations aren't meant for everyone, because sometimes they just aren't! (wink-wink) We'll come together to find a style that’s all about you!


Then we'll hide those grays, add some highlights (balayage, ombre, the technique on trend) and kill it walking into that meeting, throw on that hat or

rock that messy bun and be as chic as you are!

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